Jackie and Sarah are two awesome people and talented professionals upon whom you can rely completely for your house search.

Short Summary – Jackie and Sarah are two awesome people and talented professionals upon whom you can rely completely for your house search.

The details – My wife and I were first time home buyers and we weren’t, at the time, too serious about buying a house in the Bay Area. One weekend, we were looking through the profiles of some open houses and that was when Jackie reached out to us. We scheduled an appointment to meet her and Sarah on Monday right after that weekend. When we met them, we knew that Jackie & Sarah were the right team to rely upon. They had it all listed out for us – any questions that we had during that meeting were already answered and presented in nice pamphlets that we could carry home and read. It was during this meeting, when Jackie and Sarah nicely and patiently demystified the myths about homebuying process, that my wife and I decided to look into buying our first home. That week, we were able to shortlist a few places – Jackie helped us narrow our search based on our needs. Jackie and Sarah took care of all the scheduling and coordination, and we were touring open houses the next weekend. Amidst her busy schedule, Jackie made sure that she spent time with us – be it during these open house tours, or the late-night hours (so as to fit our schedule) when she was explaining to us, in great detail, about the various reports and disclosures and/or going through paperwork. She always gave us the right information we needed – about the house, the neighborhood and how it might be relevant to us; and when we asked for it, she also gave us her honest opinions. We really appreciated that, as we were able to get the facts right and avoid any prejudice about a house or a neighborhood. We felt no pressure to make an offer for a place unless we liked all aspects of it. We made a couple of offers before we sealed the deal on our home. For all these offers we made, Jackie made sure that our offer was well represented. We did not (and do not now) have the luxury of throwing money at offer price to stay competitive. Nevertheless, Jackie helped us make really strong offers which appealed the sellers on various fronts. And when our offer was accepted, she made sure that all the activities throughout the escrow period were well coordinated and smooth. In this whole process, Jackie made us feel that we were as important as any of her other clients irrespective of budget. We are very happy that we were able to work with Jackie and Sarah, extremely satisfied with their service and would highly recommend them to all our friends, family and well, everybody.