There really should be no doubt in choosing Jackie as your realtor. Trust me, I’m a doctor!

My husband initially chose Jackie because he saw that she was a top seller in the area we were searching in. And now we know firsthand why she is one of the best! As first time home buyers with a unique lending issue (using a physician loan), Jackie guided us with skill, professionalism, wisdom, and humanismto help us to find the right lender and ultimately right home. She has experience and knows what to ask and helped us get a reliable and secure lender. Her intuition was right on- about one of our lenders and she guided us away from a real disaster. She was very patient as she led us to see house after house, each time honing in and helping us figure out what we were looking for. She was easy to communicate with and always made it very easy to go see homes. She always came prepared to every meeting with comps and stats that would help us determine a fair bid price and what would be competitive. She is extremely approachable and understanding. With this housing market prices were going up before our eyes – and it seemed out of our budget. She was very straightforward with us, practical and realistic as she helped us figure out what the realistic price for a home in our desired location might be. When we did finally bid on something she very clearly went over the contracts and explained what everything meant. When she thought trying to outbid was not a good deal or outside of what the home would appraise for she gave us guidance. She and her assistant combed through the home as they did their inspection as well. When we bid she made sure to present it in person with our lender to the Seller, which I think ultimately helped us win the bid (on our 2nd try no less!). She also had a great strategy which helped us win as well. From there on out she guided us each week with the tasks that needed to get done to finish the sale. Her help kept us on track because at times the lender wanted things all of a sudden — but because she gave us a heads up we were prepared! I’m really going to miss seeing her and her friendly demeanor. I felt very safe with her and respect her work very much. I could not have asked for a better first-time experience. If I ever sell this home, you can guarantee I will call her up to help and to help me find a new home. She is a kind and genuine person, who has even checked in on how our new home is going! There really should be no doubt in choosing Jackie as your realtor. Trust me, I’m a doctor!