We were so thoroughly impressed with the information she presented, that we decided to move forward that very night.

Jackie and her team of professionals did an absolutely fantastic job preparing and selling our house. She was referred to us by a friend that had just sold their place and they had nothing but the highest praise for the work she had done for them, so we decided to meet with her to see if she would  be a good fit. Despite it being the first meeting, she came very prepared with market info, what her services included, what time-frame we could expect for our house to hit the market, and much more. We were so thoroughly impressed with the information she presented, that we decided to move forward that very night. We were in the process of renovating our place, so we knew it would take quite a bit of work to get it prepared. To be honest, I thought her timeline was pretty aggressive (4 weeks), so I wasn’t sure she’d be able to deliver. We had an entire master bathroom that was only partially renovated, the entire house needed to be painted, doors needed to be replaced, floors needed repairing, trim needed to be replaced/installed, landscaping needed an upgrade, HVAC needed replacement, and carpets needed to be cleaned. She was able to coordinate everything, and she knew what contractors would do the best work. Despite having some initial reservations about some of the choices she made with paint color and some other things, everything came together beautifully. If there is one piece of advice I can give anyone that hires Jackie, trust her to make the right choices…she knows exactly what people look for and can work with your budget to make it happen. After all the renovations were done (one week ahead of schedule), she listed the house immediately. After only 5 days, we had nine offers on the house! The number of views we got on our listing blew the next closest listing by over four times. Her pricing strategy worked perfectly, and she was able to get much more than what we were expecting. Let’s just say we would have been willing to let the house go in a private sale for $1.15M. With all the work she put in, we were able to get $1.3M on our house, so it more than paid for her services and the money we spent on renovations. Needless to say, she was well worth it! Selling your home can be a very daunting task, especially if it needs some work. Despite being one of several houses that she was working on, it always felt like we were the only house she had to sell. She’s very well-organized, on top of everything, and is easy to get a hold of. Guaranteed, you will not regret if you decide to go with her